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Welcome to Enham Trust


Welcome to Enham Trust


Enham Trust is a leading disability charity supporting people in their transition towards living lives of choice, control and independence.

We work with people to provide personalised care, living, learning and working opportunities.

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Fast Row West

Fast Row West: The Home Stretch

They’ve battled ferocious winds, battered by never-ending ocean waves and sporting unspeakable blistering and sunburn- and now, on the 43rd day of their row, the boys have encountered blustering South Easterlies which are forecast for a week minimum...

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Where are they now? 

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Care and Support

Care & Support

Discover our care homes, learn about making your transition to supported living and your rehabilitation options. We offer:

and more.



Discover what it's like to live at Enham trust and learn about our new housing projects.

Employemnt and Skills

Employment and Skills

View our numerous training and employment programmes and learn about how we can support you.

Direct Payments and Personal Budget Support

Direct Payments and Personal Budget Support

Find out how we can help you to manage your personal budget accounts. 


Listen to Radio Enham

Listen live daily to our client-run radio station, Radio Enham. 

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